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Cozy Slide E-Course | How to Make & Sell "Cozy Slides"

Cozy Slide E-Course | How to Make & Sell "Cozy Slides"

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Who , & What is the E-Course for ? :
  • This E-Course is for those who are interested in starting their own business making "Cozy Slides" , & want to learn how to properly make "Cozy Slides". This course provides , everything you should know about starting your custom shoe business .                                                                                                                     
  • Also, for those who are just interested in just making "Cozy Slides" for themselves , & others around them!    
Why should I invest in this E-Course ? :
  • If you're interested in starting a new stream of income, creating & selling these new trendy shoes , this is the E-Course for you !                                                                    
  • If you're a creative person , & you have a passion for finding new creative outlets for yourself this is the business for you ! Why not start creating fashion pieces for others , & yourself while making money doing it !                                                                
  • I've profited over $30k in 5 months creating a shoe for women to add to their wardrobe's , & you can too !                                                                                               
  • $350 for this E-Course is a small investment compared to how much you're able to profit off this product . It's Fresh , it's New , it's Trendy , & it's so many creative things that can be built off this one product ! It's a creative playground ! Have fun with these shoes !

What does the E-Course Include ? :

  • A Full Talk-Through Tutorial On How To Make " Cozy Slide " Properly . Start , To Finish .
  • How I decorate the shoes will also be included in the tutorial !
  • Duration of tutorial : 57 minutes 
  • What shoe is being created in the video ? : The original “ Butterfly Cozy Slide “ , Yellow Color Way.

E-Book is also included in E-Course !

E-Book Includes :

  • Full supplies list with everything you need to make the shoe !
  •  Where I purchase all my supplies from ! Shoes , Supplies , & decorations !
  • Where you can purchase the best shoes for your business .
  • Pro's , & Con's on each shoe vendor . & what I've learned from working with both vendors !
  • Where I purchase my decorations & yarn for the shoes from . & why I prefer them!
  • Profit , & Pricing talk. How I price my items , why I price them the amount that they are. To help you price your items , to ensure that you're making a profit while making these shoes . Your time is not free!
  •  Business ideas , & how to market your slides . So you're able to attract attention to your business , & make some sells ! New Fresh ideas , that I haven't seen or done !
  • Lastly , any extra advice that I may be able to provide to help you with your new business ! Where I get my packaging , & business cards made . 

If you have any extra advice that you're seeking , please email me ! For those who purchased the course only .





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